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January 11, 2012


Here are some site's I've worked on while I've been at Miva Merchant

Periwinkle Online

This was my first full site build for Miva Merchant. I took mock ups designed by our in house designer, and I developed them into a website. The product pages have the most intense features. I spent a lot of time developing a process for people to select how they would like to monogram their work.
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Abu's Foundation for African Starving Children

My most recent project. I was very proud of the quick turn around and the all of the design work that I did myself.
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Luli Fama - Swimsuits

For this project i was responsible for implementing a redesigned layout from a mock up. I added the accordion features that allow you to brows the different types of suits. I also added the light-box feature so that customers can add the product to their basket. This allows for many orders to be made effectively from a single page. HTML, CSS3, jQuery, PHP, AJAX
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Tropical Tantrum

I reworked the product page for the website I added the accordions that contain sliders of feature products and matching accessories. Customers can then pull up a pop up of the featured product so they can order it without having to leave the page. HTML, CSS3, jQuery, AJAX
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United Nations Donation Feature

I added a donations feature to the United Nations Development Program's website. I was only responsible for the work done on the sub domain. I took design ques from their current website, and added the donation module as well.

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Retro Metal Chairs

I implemented an entire website redesign for Retro Metal Chairs. They had a new logo and were looking to revamp their website's look and feel. I created their site using the Miva Merchant platform and tailored their site to reflect a fresh and clean new layout. HTML, CSS3, jQuery View Project

Beauty Network

I designed and developed everything for the site. I created the site's theme and template based off of their logo, and continued the design into their promos and call to actions. The site is built with the Miva Merchant E-Commerce platform. The client loved the updates from their old site and is very happy with the out come of the new site.View Project

SeV - ScotteVest

Added a feature to allow customers to add products featured in an outfit to their cart. Relies on AJAX to add products to the cart seamlessly. HTML, CSS, jQuery, Javascript, Miva Merchant View Project


Built the entire site from mock ups that the client provided. HTML, CSS, jQuery, Javascript, Miva MerchantView Project


HTML, CSS3, jQuery, JavaScript,PHP, Miva Merchant Ecommerce Software

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